QUOTE(shamx )
Highly recommended seller! Bought 2 M size bean bags - black and maroon. They r huge for size M. Items were ready as promised. Very good quality material used and very good workmanship too. Self collected the bags from seller house - transaction was fast and smooth.  Very satisfied.

Dealing with him for M size bean bag.. really comfortable!! nice item u have!!

seller came along to my place delivered the item.. THX a lot sir^^

RECOMMENDED seller everyone!! very fast reply from seller...

yeay.. already got my bean bag.. love it so muchhh.. tq ye bro.. hhehhehe sorry sbb u sesat2 skit.. hehehhe

p/s my hubby love it so much.. duduk situ sampai tak mau bangun

Good luck in your business. Got my L size bean bag a few days ago from seller, very big but comfortable.  Very good quality especially the special fabric, nice and tough.

QUOTE(Ryuluvlia )
just received the bean bag
Good seller, and really deliver right to your door step  notworthy.gif  notworthy.gif

And it was hugeeeee....

thank again for the bean bag
enjoyin the bean bag rite now...


Just completed dealing with him. Good seller, and reached place earlier. Bagus.
And yes, me and my wife were laughing when we tried to fit in the bean bags into the car. I can't even fit it in properly

Recommended seller!

QUOTE(isis )
got mine last night, seller had some trouble finding my area~ so sorry for wasting your fuel

but, as soon as he parked and he opened the back door to grab the bag, i was amazed at its size... its huge!!! 

brought it back to my apartment, laid it out on the carpet in the living room and fell on it.... OMG! so comfortable!!! and the fabric is really good as well!  

highly recommended product and seller as well!!! 

thanx for the great bean bag!

QUOTE(aaronoid )
got mine last night  very happy with it

QUOTE(evee_luca )
Wahh, cepatnya update  

Friends are loving it! 

He was super early, well recommended!

nice and cheap dude. cool

QUOTE(perverdz )
smooth COD transaction completed in less than 10min...yeahh..!  
tx beb..!

QUOTE(theskyisbroken )
hi guys...its worth buying...bought one from him with 2 kilos of beans...luckily the beans can be put inside my wife's kelisa..will trade with him again in future...

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