Here are few most commonly asked questions :

1) for cash and carry, can it fit inside a car ?
 Answer :
As a reference , bean bags with 4kg of polystyrene beads is already considered the maximum size to fit inside the normal sedan car boot. Our 'Sultan' beanbag can only be carried at your back seat with no space left for passenger.

2) will the polystyrene reduce the size overtime?
Answer :
yes, that is why we provide an inner cover with zipper for your topping up purposes, however as the time progress, the compression of the polystyrenes will be less and less, 'maintenance' will be far in between if need be.

3) is it washable?
Answer :
Yes our fabric bean bags cover product is washable, that is the reason we offered the inner cover as standard . Some manufacturer / seller claims that you don't really need to wash your beanbag cover often, our answer to that question is, we are user too, we KNOW it must be wash. Unless it can be wipe off clean (PVC or leather) , it is misleading to claim that something that got frequently used(or beaten) by the whole member of the family does not need to be clean , can you imagine your sleeping pillow cover used for ... forget one whole year, take one whole month only?? ...  duhhhh...

For machine wash, we highly suggest the customer put the cover with the zipper in CLOSED position, this  will ensure the powerfull spinning of your machine will not damage the product.

Cleaning microsuede is a bit tricky, pls see below links for guide to wash microsuede
b) Cleaning Microsuede

4) Warranty?
Answer :
This is a fabric product, same as you buy a RM300 cloth. NO warranty provided.  We will check for all visible defect, any item found not conform to our quality standard will not be release. HOWEVER , we will allow one week for customer to check on their beanbag, should any defect missed our eyes, pls let us know for a replcement. 

Even though our product price is 40-50% OFF from market price, we will always ensure the quality is perfect, in most unfortunate condition, stitches might have a weak thread, we have no means to check on that, we would be glad to repair FREE of CHARGE for any defected  stitches within one week of customer using the product, pls send it to us (at  your own expenses) for a free repair either by courier or personally come to our place.

4) Product Abuse?

It is normal for children to jump on this thing, seriously, they will jump till their heart content , no kidding.for a product with strap , we suggest the the strap is not tied, as it is not design to receive such abuse. For beanbag baby, it is only suitable for baby uses, as the material are softer intended for baby.

Beanbags that use COTTON BRUSH material is the most toughest of all in our collection. so abuse with confident  :))

5) Why the courier is expensive.
Courier charges DOES NOT based on weight anymore for huge product, it is based on volumetric weight. It also require suitable packaging material, not to mention time consuming.


Looking to earn some side income ? We are looking for SERIOUS DROPSHIP AGENT, email us following detail :

1) Name
2) Address
3) Contact No 
4) Web link/facebook where you would like to sell our beanbags

Email to sales@sigategi.com ,we will reply accordingly for term and condition.

note : 

1) open to established seller ONLY, proof required
2) for others, normal purchase 3 units and above on your first order would entitle you to be dropship agent
3) other than those two above, no need to apply :)

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