Bean Bag SULTAN (Size L)

price:  RM370 (Cash & Carry)  
RM450 (includes delivery to Semenanjung)

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bean bags info

1) fabric - cotton brush (100% cotton)
2) height 75cm , diameter 107c m ... approx

 new improve   measurement approx height 72cm , diameter 115cm ... we give u more sitting space  :)
3) inner cover provided
4) beads - approx 7.5kg
5) total weight = around 9kg
6) machine washable

available in 5 different color as below :

 Coffee (Dark Brown)

 Earth (Light Brown)



Super Red

Need polystyrene beads only ? Best offer RM100 (shipping included to Semenanjung** ONLY  for 0.27 cubic meter of fresh polystyrene beads (weight between 3.3-3.5kg).

** cannot deliver to Gua Musang, Kelantan

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